Writing Writing or Blurting?

I haven’t read Alexandre’s post on Disparate yet but the little note at the top (about that being a draft that he never finished writing) made me think of something. How do you write on your blog? Do you just blurt it out as you think it, not much re-reading or censoring? Do you write and re-write, preparing it like a magazine article or a chapter in a book? Somewhere in between? I find that it’s mostly blurting out for me, re-reading quickly, mostly correcting mistakes 2-3 times and then publish. There are a lot of things I want to write about in more detail and almost never get around to, not spending enough time doing actual writing vs spewing.

It’s not a new question, people have talked about similar questions about “methods” for a long time but I’m in somewhat of an existential crisis about this blog and as soon as I thought of the question I felt like I wanted your opinion about it.

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