Digital Babing

This Dove video has been making the rounds everywhere and I’m wondering, why do they even start from a real woman? If you’re going to mess around with her that much, just go all digital baby! And although it’s commendable for Dove to bring attention to that, do you really think they stopped doing the same thing and using nubile 15 year olds to advertise smooth thighs? I think not. They’re using the issue, not really fighting it.


Martine October 17, 2006

“They’re using the issue, not really fighting it.”

That’s true. They are part of Unilever after all. It’s a very smart marketing slash awareness campaign though, generating a lot of publicity and giving them a good, pure image.

Ella October 17, 2006

oh they so are. On International Women’s Day this year there was a ‘special supplement’ in the Globe & Mail that was ostensibly to ‘honour women’ or some shit like that but what actually a great big ad to sell Dove moisturizer on the premise that if you use Dove you won’t have body issues or something. I actually find the Dove ‘real beauty’ campaign slightly more offensive than the usual CGI fashion models.

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