About the blog

I have been blogging here since 2003. Later that year I also became “caretaker” for the local blogging community, Yulblog. It’s through the friends I made there and the network I built that much of what came next was made possible. Before the echos and algorithms of social networks, there were the organic diversity and human connections of blogs. Although blogs may no longer be the most active parts of the Internet anymore, this blog is still dear to my heart. I write about anything that comes to mind but it often circles back to technology. I also like Jason Kottke’s framing of new liberal arts which fits i.never.nu fairly well. Or maybe my blog is best defined by the Six Cs that I wrote about 2 years ago. Those ‘fields of inquiry’ could describe what goes on here, but, in the end, this is an old school blog where I talk about anything that interests me.

About Patrick Tanguay

I’m Patrick Tanguay, a generalist, synthesist, and curator of eclectic ideas here at Sentiers. I’ve long “suffered” from the habit of reading all the time and getting obsessed with certain topics. I’m on my fourth or fifth career, and for each I was self-taught, learning everything I could until I became the person who’s “generally in the know about stuff.”

Previously I was Editor-in-Chief of the online magazine We Seek and its eponymous newsletter on the future of learning. I was co-initiator and editor of The Alpine Review (now on hiatus), an award winning and critically acclaimed print publication. We call it a compendium of ideas for a world in transition.

I co-founded the first coworking space in Montréal, Station C, which was also one of the first in Canada. Over the years I’ve helped start a number of groups bringing people and ideas together: The Awesome Foundation Montréal, Webcamp, Creative Mornings Montréal, and Hacks/Hackers Montréal. Back in the day I was steward of the oldest and longest running blogger meetup, Yulblog.