What Your CMS Won’t Do

A great series of things your CMS won’t do for you, all true, all issues coming up regularly with a lot of clients. Couple of favorites:

If you don’t know a bulleted list from a numbered list or you have an irrational proliclivity for underlining everything, you’re likely still going to have this problem unless your developer neuters your interface like crazy…and then you’ll still find a way around that, won’t you?

Content management will not force you to write and update your content. One of the best things I’ve heard said about personal productivity is, “The best system in the world still won’t save you from your own crap behavior.”

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Alexandre October 23, 2006

Thanks for the link. Those excerpts you picked up sound a bit like advice given to new TeX/LaTeX users. Guess we all have the same problem: nasty habits from word-processing.
As for the other items, they could be good reminders to all sorts of people who confuse tools with outcome. Guess they’ve read McLuhan too literally…

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