Tuna Salad

The Blork way.

The me way.

  • Pocket of tuna (quicker to open than cans), drain.
  • One table spoon of normal mayo. Mix together.
  • Normal sliced toasted white Vilaggio Italian bread.
  • Cheese.

    Microwave for 20secs to melt cheese.



Michel February 24, 2006

Oooh, dueling cooks. Yours is much less labour intensive, and therefore one I would be more likely to make.
Who says you can’t cook?

Splurge February 24, 2006

What the hell is a ‘pocket of tuna’?!

Patrick February 24, 2006

An envelope. Un sachet. Like powdered sauce or cake mix.

Martine February 25, 2006

Microwave bread?!?

Patrick February 25, 2006

Toast it in a toaster, assemble sandwich, zap for 20secs. Toasts still krispy, cheese melted.

blork February 25, 2006

What?? Mine isn’t labour-intensive. Or not much. I whipped mine up in less than ten minutes, and it made enough for two or three sandwiches. And mine had Dijon mustard!!! :-P

Michel February 27, 2006

Not only does he microwave bread, he also microwaves cheese.

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