Sixth Place Baby!

Forgot to post about this earlier. When attending Webcom 2 weeks ago one of the presenters mentioned Googling people which reminded me I hadn’t done so in a while so I Googled myself and… the whole first page for Patrick Tanguay is me, nothing new, I’ve had most of that page for a while but I’m also sixth for simply Patrick, just behind Saint-Patrick on Wikipedia (3rd) and on the catholic encyclopedia (5th). I’m actually the highest ranked real Patrick! Last time I checked months and months ago I was on page 5! So don’t hesitate when linking me to use just Patrick ;).


heri May 21, 2007

i checked it and got 10th place :(

i have heard that results may vary between which google datacenter you hit

Mat May 21, 2007

ha! soon you will be bigger than the web itself! ;)

hugh May 22, 2007

i get #9.

karl May 22, 2007

hmm from France where I am right now, with a browser I don’t use. I hit Google France, you are not in the 20 first pages (I have stopped to try)

looking for Patrick Tanguay, your web site comes only 3rd. The first hit is Patrick Tanguay on W3QC wiki.

Patrick May 22, 2007

I’m guessing that’s… normal? Tweaked for the language and since I’m writing almost exclusively in english I’m ranked lower in french?

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