Economic Sense For Full Text RSS

A great post by Robert Scoble expanding on his view concerning full text RSS and how it affects readership and revenue. His whole theory, which I find myself agreeing with completely, is that RSS is still an early adopter/geek thing and that those same people don’t click much on any kind of ads. So his logic is, make those people as happy as possible, in this case by offering full text feeds, and the good will that brings you should result in traffic that will, in turn, generate the revenue (and more) you thought you were loosing by letting people read your whole content without coming to the site (and clicking ads). Obviously that assumes that most have blogs or are writing somewhere but I think that’s a fair assumption.

I can accept excerpts for super long content because in my reader the whole styling isn’t there, it’s more comfortable to read a very long post in browser. But I hate to have to click through and read insite for a 200 word post, especially on a highly ad loaded site where I know for certain that the only aim is to get me to click on something.