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Another week another meme, I got tagged by Bosko but this one took only 2 minutes to do (rules).

Opening Credits: Heart of Glass—Nouvelle Vague

First Day At School: One More Addiction—Nathalie Imbruglia

Falling In Love: The Dream—Jocelyn Pook

Breaking Up: Knock Knock—The Hives

Prom: Just Like Honey—The Jesus & Mary Chain

Mental Breakdown: Attitude—Dumas

Flashbacks: The Answer—Block Party

Getting Back Together:—The Wolves—David Usher

Wedding Scene: Help Help—Pearl Jam

Final Battle: Sur tes lèvres—Dumas

Death Scene: One Step Closer—The Tea Party

Funeral Song: Sand—Filter

End Credits: Smile 1—Lily Allen

Finale: Astounded Feat Curtis Mayfield—Bran Van 3000

I’m going sexist on this one, all women. I tag Véro, Erin, André-Anne, Vanou and Éloïse.

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