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Another week another meme, I got tagged by Bosko but this one took only 2 minutes to do (rules).

Opening Credits: Heart of Glass—Nouvelle Vague

First Day At School: One More Addiction—Nathalie Imbruglia

Falling In Love: The Dream—Jocelyn Pook

Breaking Up: Knock Knock—The Hives

Prom: Just Like Honey—The Jesus & Mary Chain

Mental Breakdown: Attitude—Dumas

Flashbacks: The Answer—Block Party

Getting Back Together:—The Wolves—David Usher

Wedding Scene: Help Help—Pearl Jam

Final Battle: Sur tes lèvres—Dumas

Death Scene: One Step Closer—The Tea Party

Funeral Song: Sand—Filter

End Credits: Smile 1—Lily Allen

Finale: Astounded Feat Curtis Mayfield—Bran Van 3000

I’m going sexist on this one, all women. I tag Véro, Erin, André-Anne, Vanou and Éloïse.


Martine January 27, 2007

Jocelyn Pook? You like her? I have the album she made for the O’Vertigo show (from years ago), “Deluge”, and it’s one of my all times favorites.

And I wouldn’t have thought you’d be the kind to have some “Nouvelle Vague” in your iTunes. The things you find out about people…

Patrick January 28, 2007

Pook I have as part of the Eyes Wide Shut soundtrack.

Not sure why that’s surprising but yeah, ‘toine introduced me to them a while back and I really love Nouvelle Vague.

Àndrée-Anne January 29, 2007

Yeah taguée par Patrick! Je vais faire un effort pour participer si j’ai le temps… Mais si je le fais pas, c’est pas parce que je t’aime pas :)

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