Microsoft Bids On Yahoo

Ah crap. Microsoft makes a bid to buy Yahoo. Can they spin off Flickr and before completing the deal? Please? [Update] And, unsurprisingly, I am not alone.


Laurent LaSalle February 1, 2008

Three things can happen to Flickr:

1. Microsoft will make some changes that will render Flickr all crappy and boring;


2. People will run away, scared of Big Brother;


3. Both.

vanou February 1, 2008

Please Please Please Spin off Flickr!!!!

Michael February 4, 2008

I think most of the people who ran off did so when it was bought by Yahoo.

Doesn’t mean that MS won’t wreck it though. But since they closed Yahoo Photos ( in favour of Flickr, it’s pretty central to the overall Yahoo set of products.

This whole thing seems like a race to the bottom for both companies. It’s going to be ugly, I suspect.

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