StandoutJobs Launches

StandoutJobs launched today and are presenting at DEMO this week. They are based in Montréal and want to change how we look for jobs and how companies find candidates. I haven’t gone around the site much yet but I gave a (little) hand in the early stages so I know what they have in mind and I think it’s very promising.

I like the design, not quite what I expected from an earlier direction but super clean, some nice details. The candidates page is very 37 Signalish ;).

A little thing that I’m often very disappointed with but which they get right (in my mind anyway): they are from Montréal and they say so even, shudder, to the press. I’m often surprised when I find out companies are from Montréal or elsewhere in Canada because they often hide that fact, to the point of having “fake” addresses in the US. Represent! Bravo guys and kick ass at DEMO.


Ben Yoskovitz January 29, 2008

Thanks Patrick … it’s been a crazy ride so far, and it’s only going to get crazier.

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