ALCC Digital Literacy Project Mentors

Miriam is leading the excellent and very promising ALCC Digital Literacy Project and they are looking for some mentors to give a hand building the program and giving the classes.

We are presently looking for mentor/ facilitators to work with the library to develop and teach those workshops in Spring of 2007. These are volunteer positions at present, though volunteers will receive a small honorarium at the programs end.

We are especially interested in developing relationships with professionals or advanced student practitioners working in the fields of digital photography, audio production, video production for the web, animation, web design and writing for the web. However if you have a creative practice that you think would serve well as part of this project do not hesitate to get in touch.

The time commitment for mentors is estimated to be approximately 30 hrs between January and May 2007. Workshops will take place weekly between February and April for approximately 6 weeks.

Miriam is available at the library Tuesdays and Fridays between 10 – 5:00pm by telephone: (514) 935-7344 if you have questions or suggestions.

I feel this is a very important part of the current bubbling of ideas and projects in Montréal, with the startups and Barcamp and conferences, etc. Lots of connecting, lots of new things getting going and this is a great “don’t leave people behind” type of thing that deserves attention.