Brooklyn Brainery

Filed in the “awesome ideas that need doing in Montréal” folder; the Brooklyn Brainery.

Brooklyn Brainery hosts collaborative learning classes. What’s that mean? Think book clubs on steroids. It’s a place to experiment with all the things you’ve wanted to learn but just haven’t….

Brainery classes don’t have real teachers. That part is important! Class leaders aren’t necessarily experts, they’re there to keep things on track and guide the learning process.

The extent of their expertise is mostly having rolled around on the internet and bookmarked some Wikipedia pages – they have a general idea of where you are going (West!), but not that you need to take I-80 for a few thousand miles to get to Sutter’s Mill.

That’s where you come in! Before most classes, you’ll get an email with a bit of homework – say a few randomly assigned vocab words to look into. You become the expert on that information and get to share it with everyone else during class. Class is way more fun this way!