About me

Patrick TanguayPatrick, lives in Montréal.

I’m not a big fan of writing personal descriptions like this and “About” pages often suck but as I’ve been reminded of a few times, they do serve a purpose; giving the reader a feel for who is writing all that crap on the front page. So if you need that info (I know I do, just because I hate writing it doesnt mean I dont enjoy other people’s), here it is.

Language wise, this site is mostly english but does have some posts in french. I tend to write in the same language I read the original info in, which, because of my choice of news sources, happens to be english most often. That was the original intent anyway, in the last year or so I’ve noticed I have more readers from outside Québec than in so it has reinforced my tendency to write in english.


Reading, travel, photography, the web, design, movies in general.

Anything that writers such as Chuck Palahniuk, William Gibson, Douglas Coupland, Robert j. Sawyer, Guillaume Vigneault, Arturo Perez Reverte, Hemingway, Preston and Child come up with usually warrants a no questions asked purchase. I also keep a list of what I’ve read and seen in the last little while. My company, Taste of blue’s name is taken from a quote in Neuromancer.

A very incomplete and often changing list of favorite movies would include; Swingers, True Romance, Strange Days, The Matrix, Hable con ella and like any self respecting geek, the Star Wars Trilogy. Notice I said “favorite” not “best”, they’re just some I don’t seem to get tired of seeing and go back to. That was written a while ago, actually not sure what that list would be now. Lost in Translation, Swingers, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, The Incredibles and High Fidelity are the ones I’ve watched more than once in the last couple of years so I guess they’d be favorites.

On tv 24, BG, Amazing Race and Lost are pretty much the only shows I try not to miss but I know way too many others. I still watch Seinfeld every time I happen on a rerun. I’m old school and watch my favorites live, not on DVD a year late in one go.

Characters who’s adventures I’ve especially enjoyed; Lucas Corso, Agent Pendergast, Jack Bauer, Cayce Pollard, Joshua Calvert and Bobby Goren.

I used to watch sports quite a bit, now I pretty much dont but I do play Ultimate Frisbee, realised this year that hiking is fun, kick some asses at karting and still follow F1 and Cart racing although somewhat sporadically.

Life is especially good during spring, even better if enjoyed in St-Kilda in Melbourne, La Ribeira in Barcelona or on the Plateau in Montréal and pretty darn good if accompanied by chinese food, sushi, fresh lobster, pizza, anything from le réservoir, mous au chocolat, red wine and maybe even black russians and sambucca. Obviously not all in the same meal though ;).

Been There:

Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Budapest, Florence, Frankfurt, Gibraltar, Granada, Great barrier reefs, Krakow, Lisbon, London, Lucerne, Madrid, Melbourne, Monaco, New York, Paris (and a bunch of places in France), Prague, Rome, Salamanca, San Francisco, Sevilla, Sydney, Vancouver, Vegas, Venice, Victoria, Vienna, Warsaw.

Will Get There:

Argentina, Austin, Belize, Bhutan, Boston, Denmark, Egypt, Halifax, Hongkong, Iceland, India, Japan, Madagascar, Mexico, Morocco, Moscow, New Orleans, Peru, Rio, San Diego, Shanghai, St-Petersburgh, Sweden, Miami, Norway, Tanzania, Thailand, Turkey, Zaire, Zanzibar and lots more I hope.