Just In Case

To me it’s pretty evident but just in case y’all didn’t notice, there’s a featured post just above, in the red header, that’s where I’m giving a bit more detail concerning the redesign.


Martine June 7, 2004

Ooooh, nice! Great job! I LOVE the screen background from Cannes (but I only see it on one side with Firefox. Might be normal…)

Because of the way the featured section looks like a banner (with the red colour using the full width of the blog), I wonder if people will just skip it, thinking it’s part of a permanent feature, like a blog headline. I almost missed it at first.

Patrick June 7, 2004

Thanks :)

Yeah the background is just faded in one corner.

As for the featured thing I’m not sure yet, the site shouldn’t be online because I have some finetuning to do but I wanted to start posting again and some server details were simpler to do on the final domain. All of that to say that it might still change.

It’s there to enable me to keep a post at the top of the page, it was initially supposed to be a post in the main area that I would “stick” there so it doesn’t disappear but Textpattern allows me to very easily make it completely separate so I tried that first.

Alex June 7, 2004

wow…this design is insane…

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