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What’s that stuff at the bottom?

Recently read and seen is a list of books and movies I have recently comsumed. I rate movies in a purely personnal manner, I’ve even been known to change some of the scores later on so use the ratings if you like but dont bug me about them. For some reason I think book appreciation is much more personnal and debatable so I dont put a rating in the sidebar, once in a while I’ll write something in more detail in a post, to explain my opinion.

Bookpile is just what the name implies, the list of books piled up next to me on the desk. Barring some exceptions it only includes fiction, I mostly use non-fiction books for reference and/or read them bit by bit over time so instead of keeping them on the list for 6 months I dont include them.

More to come after the latest redesign and CMS change a lot of new things were added, haven’t had time to explain them here yet.