Things Crapping Out

Thursday morning my Netgear (not linking to those morons) wifi router wasn’t working. Multiple resets later, still only managed 40 minutes of access so I just made a trip to Compusmart and grabbed the last Airport Express. I knew it but still, damn that thing is small. Took all of 3 minutes to setup. Disapointed at the lack of cables provided though. The AC extension would have been appreciated.

Minutes before leaving I was making a quick sandwich and walked into a puddle of water. A what? Puddle of water? indoors? Yup, in my old Plateau apartment the water heater is a small one and nestled behind a little screen above the fridge. Seem some valve was done for and dripping along the fridge and on the floor. Nice. F*kin’ nice. Thankfully I have kick ass owners who were there within the hour with a temporary solution and someone else is coming by Tuesday for final repairs. The whole thing still works so the delay isn’t a problem.

You don’t want problems but if you have to, those were two pretty quick solutions. Good.