One Way To Make Sure I Wont Do Business With You

Here’s the step by step for one of the ways you can make sure I won’t do business with you.

  1. Even though you have a store downtown, have me hike all the way to around the hippodrome to drop off items needing repair.
  2. Close the store following a supposed bankrupcy.
  3. Months later start taking ads, hyping up a new store “in the heart of the Plateau” but don’t do anything real until a good 8-10 months later.
  4. Take full page ads touting the new store the day before it opens.
  5. On opening, have your store be a few measly square feet sublet within a crappy PC computer store, your inventory being 1 Powerbook and 1 iMac. Don’t keep much else in stock.
  6. Have virtually no signage indicating, either outside or inside, that you are indeed alive and doing business there.
  7. Don’t answer the phone.
  1. Have no competent sales person on the floor. Not a one who even knows what an Airport Express is.

    That should do the trick. Way to go B-Mac!

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