Some More Station C Changes

So for various reasons, more particularly the heavier than expected load to manage the place and the lower than expected use of Flex points, we’ve decided to make some more changes to our membership type lineup. You can see more details on the Station C blogue. It’s in french though so the gist of it here in english :

  • New membership type based (copied) on Citizen Space and Indy Hall, this “Lite” membership is like the Resident system we have; key, alarm code, full time access. However they will have no assigned desk and we ask those members to keep their daytime access to around 22 hours a week. This is available right now at $250 / month on 6 month contracts.
  • Starting November 3rd (and right away for current Flex members) the group as a whole (not just the founders) will be offering “free” drop in access. That means that very occasional access is free, no membership, no booking, no charge when walking in. For regular(ish) access, we will keep our hourly costs displayed on site and on the web and encourage people to keep tabs on their use and “donate” that amount periodically through Paypal buttons on the site. Business hours will be when there is a Resident or Lite member present, which will be shown on a Station C Google Calendar.

    That’s it. Much simpler management wise and will take a lot less time from Dan and I as well as provide some more fixed revenues replacing the very (much more than expected) unstable revenues from Flex memberships.