Golden Globes

The nominations for the Golden Globes are out, no big surprises, except maybe for Lost in Translation being in the comedy category. Although it is funny I’m not sure it can be qualified as a comedy… The thing that does bug me though is all the movies that aren’t even out “at large” yet. I know studios keep their best oscar movies for the end of the year so as to be fresh in the minds of voters but this is ridiculous, they get it out in a couple of places days before the deadline and then in a wider market. The actual theater goers end up with half the nominations being from movies they couldn’t possibly have seen. Dumb.

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John December 19, 2003

The GG’s are weird in that your trophy is awarded based on how much the entertainment stringer for the Stockholm Daily Planet digs your work.

But they’re also the awards where everyone gets drunk so it makes for some fun television (I’m looking at you, Liz Taylor).

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