Rogers Pricing Plans?

A possible listing of the Rogers and Fido data plans have been posted, not bad at all if it’s true.


Blork June 24, 2008

I love the way they refer to (strong arm) contracts as “agreements.”

$30 a month data plan sounds OK, but that’s on top of the required voice plan (generally, $20 a month, minimum, but usually $25 or $30). So now we’re up to $50-$60 month, before taxes, activation fees, and “fuck you” fees. Since those fees can bring a $25 plan up to $40, we can extrapolate this to probably in the range of $70 minimum, with most people who actually want to talk now and then paying $85 or so.

So that’s $840 to $1020 a year, or $2520 to $3060 over the course of the “agreement.”

People think M and I are excessive because we bought a 46″ HDTV. Well, I can afford it because I don’t like to talk on the phone. (And given that I spend 10 hours a day or more in front of a fully connected computer, I don’t have a big need to be connected for those few hours when I’m not.)

But that’s just me. For those enlightened individuals among us who can’t stand to go 20 minutes without checking Twitter, or absolutely must get their email 24/7, I say go for it.

Hey, have you seen that new show, Mad Men? It looks AWESOME in HD! ;-)

Fred Brunel June 24, 2008

Even if it’s a great effort (thanks to Apple) this is still too expensive. The thing is, most developing countries have far better network technologies and prices than us.

And you better not use roaming when you’re in a different country that could cost you a fortune.

Patrick June 25, 2008

b: Well any decent data plan in any country is pretty expensive when seen over 2-3 years. A phone with a data plan is expensable and used for work, not a 46″ HDTV :-p

(haven’t seen Mad Men and don’t have HD)

f: I actually think it’s now within an acceptable price range, still more expensive than a number of places but not humiliatingly so. I’d be at $65 for unlimited incoming calls and unlimited data. Expensive but in the “I didn’t get a good deal” range, not the “I live in a country stuck in the 80s” range ;)

blork June 26, 2008

> A phone with a data plan is expensable and used for work, not a 46” HDTV

Clearly, you’re in the wrong line of work. :-D

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