Stylish Spring

I love summer. You can just walk outside and go somewhere, most of the time there’s no need to worry if you need to wear a huge jacket, boots, whatever. Something missing for dinner? Slip on the sandals and take a pleasant walk to the grocery store. Not so in winter. And of course, summer has beautiful tanned and scantily dressed women everywhere.

Still, being a guy who enjoys stylishness in everything, there’s certainly something to be said for fall and spring. Like this week for example, warm enough that a variety of clothes can be comfortable but still nippy enough that we’re not all wearing the minimum. This kind of weather is, I think, where stylish women (and guys) shine the most.

Layered shirts, sweaters and jackets, little boots of all shapes and sizes, useless but cute scarfs swinging around, nice skirts, one inch of skin showing instead of eight, fun little hats and caps cocked on one side, hair flowing instead of tucked in tuques, everyone out on terrasses, buttoned up because it’s not that warm but still wanting to sit outside. Everywhere you look there’s another fetchingly attired lass smiling at the sun*. Looking good Montréal, looking real good.

*That phrase is sponsored by St-Patrick’s day.