Realignment Time

Finally, after months and months of pushing it back and being stalled by things I thought might be nice but don’t work out with real content, here’s the new version of

This time it’s more of a realignment than a redesign although it might be a bit more changed than the term covers. Whatever, visually it’s an evolution while behind the scenes it’s now a WordPress powered site. I’d been using Textpattern for a few years but with version 2.0 WordPress jumped ahead and I’ve been using it for so many client projects, it was bad form to not use it myself.

I’ve dropped the tumble column but kept it in concept, just merging the two so that except for the little “about” side column, everything is now in one column. The quotes and short posts I was putting in the tumbles column are now differently styled but spliced in between the longer posts. Speaking of the “about” column, which picture is better, the one currently displayed or the one on the left? Too emo?

At the same time I’ve split the blog in another manner, I kept wondering about various posts; “does this fit?” and then “do I want a specific topic?”. There’s also the french aspect, for various posts I’m not sure in which language to write and I’m wondering if I might not have more readers France side or even around here if I wrote solely in french. Anyway, somewhat unimportant questions, it’s my blog after all, not anyone else’s but I decided to take a little time and make it easier to read only what you’re interested in. If you go to the subscribe page you’ll see there are now 3 feeds; “core” for everything internet, technology, design, business related. “Off-topic” for sports, politics, unrelated rants, etc. And finally “français” where I’ll be, hopefully, posting more and sometimes translating my own stuff. Everything will still be available together at the same feed, since I use Feedburner you don’t even have to change anything, it’s just now pointing to the WordPress version. If you want just a slice of the blog, grab the appropriate feed. I’ll probably had a couple more “flavors” in the next few days.

I will now be using tags for classification instead of categories which are now used simply to split in the flavors I mentioned above. The tag cloud is currently somewhat sparse, reflecting only the previous versions’s categories, as I post I’ll be able to classify in much more detail than the one category (or two) per post Textpattern was forcing me in.

It’s still not complete, I haven’t built the book display using the Amazon plugin, or added the blogroll, or… there’s a number of things. There are also 2-3 little details that aren’t perfectly right in IE6 but it’s all good in Firefox and IE7, to my knowledge. Be sure to comment if you see bugs.

One thing I know is bugged and for which I need help for asap is the transition to the new link structure, I need to modify the .htaccess file to rewrite the old links ( to the new one ( Actually, I’d also like to know how I can both use the category page and access posts with only the title like I’ve seen it work on some sites I’ve worked on but for some reason it doesn’t here. Any htaccess wizzes in the audience?

So? Good change?

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