Queen Street Commons Launched

That cool project that was talked about a few weeks back has now opened in PEI. Just thought I’d mention it, get people over here thinking again ;)

Mail Delivery, High Speed Wireless Internet, 24/7 keyed access, Two bathrooms, one has a shower, Printer, Copier, Fax, Fully Equipped Kitchen, Lounge, Boardroom, Two work rooms, Some laundry facilites (washer & dryer), Other misc. things

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michael June 30, 2005

yeah, I was checking out a place – but then this class got in the way. Plus the owner is kinda hard to pin down.

I’ve still been thinking a bunch about it. more sleuthing next week.

If anyone else has suggestions of places to rent near st. laurent or st. denis, or mount royal, very close to a decent coffee shop, please let me know. it doesn’t have to be big – I’m thinking pretty small to start off with and grow to something bigger.

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