Chicks Dig Tetris

Or so it would seem, both Agency Chick and Lightspeed Chick posted about Tetris on the same day. Must be those crazy solar storms.


Alex October 28, 2003

I like that trend-watching in blogs thing.

Martine October 29, 2003

It’s the only game I own! (It’s actually The Next Tetris, from Hasbro Interactive, with a cool soundtrack). You can play head-to-head with someone else and make their interface spin when you complete rows. It’s fun!

Isn’t that a known thing that women love Tetris or was it some kind of an “urban” geek legend?

Patrick October 29, 2003

Well I was thinking mostly of those two chicks writing on the same day but yeah, I think Tetris is known to be a favorite for women.

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