Sean ”/$%/%? Paul

After suffering for months I can’t do it anymore so I am switching my radio off, please advise when Sean Paul’s 15mins are over. Thx.


lightspeedchick September 23, 2003

The worst part is, when I hear him it reminds me of you, coz you hate it so much! :P

Patrick September 23, 2003

Great! Now I have friends associating me with him! Nooooooooooooo!

Boris September 23, 2003

“Just gimme da liiiight!”

Funny, I don’t listen to the radio… and I love his (pirated) stuff…

You’d love it too if you saw me dance to it… ;)

Patrick September 23, 2003

Oh yeah, that helps me, Boris dancing! Bleh! ;-p

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