We’ll See

In recent years I’ve come to believe that I perform better under pressure. Or at the very least, work better when I’ve got quite a bit to do, less free time. I think I’m covered for this month (next 3 weeks actually), we’ll see if the theory holds:

  • 60 hours on ongoing contract with major client
  • 21 hours on another with gov. agency
  • 35 hours on another with gov. agency
  • 12 hours on another with gov. agency
  • 5-7 hours contract for professional association
  • 8 hours contract for cycling team
  • 25 hours minimum on “internal” project
  • Finish preparations for Yulblog party
  • Gather papers for and prepare income tax report
  • Paperwork for sales tax quarter
  • Write 10 page document on business diversification for biz program
  • Write presentation on Web 2.0 and associated technologies for clients
  • Possible 12 hours of classes (hope not)
  • Update La Flamme Rouge look and some “backend” stuff
  • Meet another client, do quick training, complete site, 5-6 hours
  • Live around those things

    Except for a couple that can “slip” a bit, everything needs to be done for the 31st.

    (If you have other contracts in mind do talk to me anyway, clients tend to slip on their side of deliveries and free time appears ;) )

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