One Year Baby!

I’ve ment to look it up for a few weeks now because I knew it was coming but it wasn’t until a couple of minutes ago that I remembered to look it up as I was online. Thanks Martine for posting about your two year anniversary in blogging (flicitations!), it reminded me to check and… this blog’s first year anniversary was January 26th and I missed it. Oups. Maybe it would have been worth a beer at Yulblog last night.

Anyway, it’s kind of a fake date because back then I also had quotes and cameraless categories, both of which I removed a couple of weeks ago so what the actual first post and it’s date was I don’t know. I also have my recently read and seen list in the sidebar which are entries in their own category but I wouldn’t count them as proper entries since they are only links. Which means I guess that my first real and still existing entry was this one. About Gangs of New York of all things! It was followed by ones titled Social Machines, Favorite Authors and Thick or Thin. All very short posts, like I still do too much of but also pretty much the same subjects I’m still writing about nowadays.

Since then I’m at over 800 entries, almost as many comments. In terms of entries it’s a bit misleading because the count includes the recently read and seen I mentioned before as well as the photolog but still, it means an average of 2 posts a day or just about. In terms of comments, for about a third the life of the blog they weren’t opened, then I opened them for some and finally all posts so I guess the total means there were some decent conversations here once it was wide open.

In that time I also redesigned four times, picked up Yulblog, convinced two friends to start their own with La Flamme Rouge and another which isn’t launched publicly yet, helped a very cool project make it’s way on the web has a blog. Plus, in the last ten days I found two web coding contracts for which “I read your blog” was mentioned positively in the interviews. Various other plans are in the works and most include blogging in some way.

Most importantly, I met a bunch of interesting people, made new friends, some of which it feels like I’ve known for way more than a fraction of a year. Some of them I see almost every week and some I even spent new year’s with. From reading the old classics that existed even before the word weblog did, I knew that there was a whole social interaction aspect to this thing, I’m happy to see that I wasn’t mistaken, it does exist and is an intrical part of what makes blogging fun. Now if only they had come up with a better word for it, those phrases would sound so much better! ;)


lightspeedchick February 5, 2004

Felicitations! Hope to keep on reading you for a long time!

Laurent February 5, 2004

Joyeux bloguiversaire !

Martine February 5, 2004

Bravo pour ce premier anniversaire et merci pour une année de belles lectures et de découvertes! Il faudra fêter nos 10 ans de “blogging” ensemble!

aj February 6, 2004


Alex February 6, 2004

Bring out the good wine and toast to blogging prosperity.

Patrick February 7, 2004

Merci. Thanks.

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