One of those 20” or 23” sure would look good on my desk! Sweet.

I’m also looking forward to trying out the new RSS feature in the next Safari which will be included in Tiger, not expecting it to replace a real feed reader though. Dashboard doesn’t look all that hot but since I use stickies quite a bit having them “reavealable” with Expose will be fun.


Hoedic November 6, 2003

Well, it looks like the Atari Lynx I had 15 years ago… but the screen was smaller… and it has no wifi connection, nor MP3 player :)

Patrick November 6, 2003

Ah yes! The Lynx, one of the many Atari ahead of their time products that for some obscur reason never managed to make it big. Jaguar anyone?

aj November 6, 2003

I was gonna say, TurboGraphx 16? Pippin anyone?

Radio shack clone 6-in-1 pong?

It’s just a concept prototype, by the way – it looks quite a bit too slick to actually use, and who puts the power button right under the joystick? It’s not coming out till E3 2004 anyway.

I did download the presentation linked to on 1up.com – that groovy background is now my work desktop. Ah, the power of Illustrator to extract layered PDF pages :)

More interesting is the PSX, essentially the PS2-plus-TiVO-plus-bundled-online stuff. I think it’s the spearhead of a strategic move to put a proprietary “gateway” in your home that lets you download and purchase movies and games and music right from Sony…Hey, if they put Super Audio CD support in there too I’d pop for one!

Gotta go finish area 5 on Rez!

Alex June 28, 2004

Did you know that Opera comes with a feed reader now…

bits June 29, 2004

Why not 30” ? ;-b…

Patrick June 29, 2004

I didn’t know that. The couple of times I tried Opera I wasn’t all that interested so I haven’t been keeping up.

Aside from the “half the cost of a small car” price tag, it’s too big for my desk! :)

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