Chances that I’ll get an answer to this are pretty slim but here goes. I’ve got a couple of installation of Kwiki, one here on this blog, one locally on my iBook, one here for the yulwifiwiki and another for an upcoming project. My problem is that none of them have the diff functionnality working. For all but the local they are at version 0.18 installed by my web host, that version is supposed to have the diff and history components present but they don’t work. I’ve installed the Perl module in my own directory at my host so I could tinker with it, I tried hundreds of things and zip, nada, zilch. Doesn’t work. If anyone has experience with this and might give a hand, comment or email me.

(told you it was a long shot)

[Later] Not that long! Thanks to Aaron and his mad Perl skillzz we were able to determine that… I must’ve made a mistake someplace in my testing and cursing. Works great now. Thanks.