October Pile

I had decided I wasn’t going to post this but since one more thing just jumped on the pile, I have to mark it somewhere and this is as good a place as any, even if some will say I’m complaining again. Since the beginning of the month (ok, since a few days before the month):

  • My main host had problems with mail servers and replaced some equipement, service was up and down for 48 hours.
  • Client went wild with changes and craptastic scheduling.
  • Powebook’s battery had to be replaced so it wouldn’t explode in my lap.
  • I’ve had a cold for a week, including two days I couldn’t do much, which involved cancelling going to a movie with someone I wanted to see.
  • Local installation of Ruby and MySQL which is being used for the craptastic project stopped working after a couple of standard maintenance tasks were performed on the laptop. Spent hours and hours and hours trying to make it work. Gave up, reinstalled OS X keeping my user, didn’t work, reinstalled with formatting, importing my user, didn’t work. Spent 3-4 hours with a kind soul deleting and reinstalling Darwin, gem and Fink ports until finally 95% of the stuff worked but never managed to get the last fucker working. Slows down work because of extra step from working on off site server.
  • Two days ago my Videotron cable modem gave up the ghost, I was internetless at home for 24 hours almost on the dot, until the techs replaced the thing.
  • Also two days ago someone at my host made a wrong move and some port accesses were borked, couldn’t access my email as usual and couldn’t send at all for something like 15 hours.
  • And just now a database at another host for another client wasn’t answering, or rather was answering too much, the only solution according to them being to wipe and re-create so I just lost a part of the work that had been done so far. (I’m writing this with the phone on my shoulder, tech on the line trying stuff)

    So, you know, when people ask how it’s going and I don’t answer “great” like they expect me to, sometimes I’m actually right.

    (and don’t give me the “there are people worse off” crap, doesn’t help :-p )


karl October 12, 2006

t’as-tu fini de chialer, il y a des gens bien plus dans la marde que toé!


Patrick October 13, 2006

Hehe, excellent ton accent Karl. Thx.

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