Random Moments 42a, 42b, 42c and 42d

Once again at the Starbucks on Mont-Royal.

  1. Ex I haven’t see in a couple of years. She’s looking hotter and blonder than I remembered.
  2. Young blonde in the window making necklaces from her little bags of beads.
  3. Cute redhead on tiptoes, her back to the door, twisting her head to checkout her (very nice) rear end in the reflection.
  1. David Lahay at a table in the window, working on his Powerbook.

    Note 1: I’ve seen two occurences of Singha products today. New hipster favored brand? Or did I just miss it before?

    Note 2: I know, I know, 3 out of four are about girls. What can I say, some days hotness abounds.


steph July 20, 2005

So, how come you didn’t approach any of them? :P

Patrick July 20, 2005

1. ex
2. 18-19
3. She was outside and leaving
4. Man

‘nuff said

em_ee July 20, 2005

“4. Man”

what? he’s sexy! ya should have give it a shot…. ah ah ah ah

(p.s. just for the record, he’s not that sexy, I was trying to make a point…. a point of… well… nothing)

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