iPod Days

Last week I was messaging with MJ and I mentioned that the week before I had a bunch of contract hours coming up and was considering finally buying an iPod so I could stop being impolite by calling Quân various names because he’s buying cool stuff. That day however I was considering eating KD because hours had been cut back quite a bit. Since then we’ve been using the term iPod Day, as in “are you having an iPod day” instead of “how’s it going”. So far it’s an iPod day today.


Paolo July 29, 2004

I’m having one too… seeing as I just bought the new iPod.

I love it.

lightspeedchick July 29, 2004

I’m having an iPod day too. Just wish I’d bought myself one back when I had an iPod job ;)

Martine July 29, 2004

Stop making me want to spend money. I don’t have any iPod days these days.

Hoedic July 29, 2004

I’m having a pretty iPod Mini day too :) Even if I’m also looking for an iPod mini job…

Patrick July 29, 2004

I’m always surprised at which posts get comments!

Paolo: I’ll tell you the same thing I told Quân: bastard!

lsc: pfftt. You can still afford an iPod methinks!

Martine: Oups ;)

Hoedic: Not the best time of the year I’m sorry to say…

Hoedic July 29, 2004

Not the best time for what ? Having an iPod Mini or getting a job ?

Karl Dubost July 30, 2004

You were considering eating me? How dare you?


Patrick July 30, 2004

Hoedic: Job. Although I hear the minis are also in short supply ;)

Karl: Don’t worry!

Quan July 31, 2004

… it’s late, but guess what shipped from shanghai today ;)

Patrick July 31, 2004

I stopped by b-mac yesterday and they had the 20Gb in stock :-p

Didn’t buy it though.

Quan July 31, 2004

I had to order it from Apple to get the educational discount and be eligible for the Cram and Jam promo. Ah well, it should arrive soon, maybe before next yulblog :)

Come on Patrick, give into the techno-lust and join the happy iPod owner club. You know you want it.

m-c August 1, 2004

I do get ipod days since 4 months now, at least twice a month.

Is there another cure than to actually buy it?

The worse for me is:
to get apple’s system updates everyweek, always with something new to update on the ipod, remembering me about how cool this gadget is.


Karl Dubost August 1, 2004

Patrick my 10 Gb has to be fixed for the stereo. It has to go back to Apple. I don’t have the energy to fix it… it seats on my table, if you want it, fix it. It’s yours. Right now it’s working in mono.

Karl Dubost August 3, 2004

do I have to wipe all the addressbook first with all my legendary contacts?

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