New Podcast Style

Or is it? Why would it even be called a podcast? I don’t like that term anyway. Whatever. Excellent job on this Jon Udell post explaining the use of the umlaut. It’s a flash movie of him talking while showing us what he’s explaining by navigating Wikipedia. Very nice.

[Via dose magazine who’s got some good stuff all the time]


Antoine January 23, 2005

I think this guy could win an award for Geek of the year! But, yeah it’s a pretty cool idea. I did the same thing with the entry about poutine the minute after.

hugh January 24, 2005

i think he calls it a “screencast” and the site is called “Jon’s Radio” … is there a better name than podcast?

Patrick January 24, 2005

I haven’t heard a better term but I was always against the term podcast. It’s an audiofile you download, possibly through an RSS feed. Naming it after the iPod just because it’s one of the devices you might listen to it on is ludicrous. Then again, a replacement name would probably have “blog” in it, a term I’m not particularily fond off either. In this specific case, I think “screencast” is excellent.

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