What’s “fun” about having only one phone and your clients having your phone number is that sometimes you get calls when you don’t expect them and you end up missing a third of Lost because you’re on the line with said client. I could do without that part.

(fyi; Lost is 21h00 to 22h00)


aj May 11, 2006

mac mini. elgato pvr solution. bing.

Patrick May 11, 2006

Or I could have pressed “record” on the VCR remote :-p

Just didn’t think it was going to be 20 minutes.

Antoine May 11, 2006

Just upgraded to Videotron Extreme for a month.. I use the internet as a remote PVR ;)

It’s fassssst.

Christelle May 12, 2006

Or it’s also on 19-20h on CTV!! :)

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