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I’ve been using Textmate for a while now and love it, I use a lot of the shortcuts. However, I didn’t know it could do all of that. Insane. I have to start using all of that. (via Simplebits)


julien May 14, 2006

i want it too, but i don’t want to pay 39 Euros!

karl May 14, 2006

Could you give more details about it in a post?

I have used BBedit for years. I have tried twice TextMate and I can’t get used to it. Two big missing features for me:

* HTML Syntax Checker
* Contextual HTML Editing

Control click in an HTML document at one place of the document gives a list of attributes or a list of elements which are authorized in this context and DTD. This is a must for me.

Another thing too, I have tried textmate on a document. I didn’t find for example how to pop up a window or a console to change the link in a src attribute, except by typing everything by hand.

So I see a lot of customization possible but my basic needs are not met OR I have not been able to find them.

So I’m very interested by what you have to say.

karl May 14, 2006

OOOh and I have forgotten.

@Julien: 39 Euros is worth the price for a product of this quality. We are not talking about 400 Euros.

3 cinemas seats.
Less than the price of many concerts.
2 DVDs.

Antoine May 15, 2006

Indeed, 39 euros is nothing for what Textmate can accomplish.

CTRL + H will return you any HTML tag reference directly on the W3C site.

There’s no properties editing box (à la Homesit/BBedit). But you can create your own ‘code snippets’ in just 5 sec. Then, you can switch to each tag properties with the TAB key. Very very usefull and fast.

It’s worth the try, stick with it for a week or two, you might get the buzz after a while. I had the exact same reaction.. Textmate is like VI for the masses.

Patrick May 15, 2006

Thx ‘toine. Karl, none of the needs you mention ring any bells :(. You should have a look at the other screencasts on the Macromates’ site, good stuff in there.

flemieux May 16, 2006

Coming from Windows, and having worked with BBEdit for a little while, I have found TextMate to be the single best editor I’ve ever worked with. I always wanted the power of vim (like ‘toine said) in a GUI, and I found it in TM.

You’d have to pay hundreds of dollars to even have half this control and convenience with any Windows based text editor. You’d have to pay hundreds of dollars to even use BBEdit :D This is 39 EU. Well worth the price tag.

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