Wallet Uselessness

Warning: This post might seem extremely “retentive” to some (most?) people.

While in Mexico, I was walking around super light. No cell., no iPod, no laptop (duh). No wallet, no passport, no keys (except if I as the one carrying the key), just a few hundred pesos. Feels good.

Anecdote; for some dumb, “how the heck does my brain work” reason, since seeing Vanilla Sky, in which there is a scene where David Aames picks up a simple money clip with one credit card, I’ve been dreaming of carying just that. No frickin’ wallet with 35 things in it. However, that doesn’t seem doable. Here’s what I currently carry.

  • Money
  • Personal credit card
  • ATM card for the personal account
  • Company credit card
  • ATM card for the business account
  • Indigo member card for the 10% discount and the points
  • RAMQ (medical insurance) card
  • Driver’s permit
  • Video club card. This one is going out, you can rent with just your phone number.
  • Sometimes metro tickets

    Far from the money clip and one card but even farther from the George Costanza “my wallet’s giving me back problems” setup so not too bad. Now what can I take out?

    The first three are essential. The two company ones… I guess I could leave them home most of the time but is the space saving worth the couple of times I’m bound to forget picking them up when I need them?

    The Indigo card I could probably just pickup when I’m heading downtown and might stop but same reasoning as the company cards, worth it?

    Do you need the RAMQ card if you endup at the emergency room or something? Or can I just bring it when I have some kind of appointment with health pros?

    I could do without the driver’s permit since I don’t currently have a car but it’s my preferred identity proving thing. Not hat I get carded when going out but, you know, sometimes you need it.

    So, suggestions? And, more importantly, semi-meme, what do you carry in your wallet/purse?

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