Apple goodies

Yesterday Apple announced a bunch of new things, different viewpoints at Hivelogic and Daring Fireball.

Two Things for me: Expose looks great, since I work on an iBook I keep most windows full screen or close to it to have a decent working space in each app. It looks like this new feature might be more pleasant to use than switching from the dock. Second, it seems Jonathan Ive as just fallen in love with aluminium mesh.


aj June 25, 2003

It’s a grand day for the Mac platform indeed. Of course next month it won’t be the fastest desktop computer in the world anymore – We’ll see how speedy AMD’s Athlon64 is, and of course, they didn’t compare it to the 64-bit Opteron chip either. But it’s great for Macs to be not just caught up, but competitive as well.

I miss the ease of the motherboard-on-the-door configuration, but I suppose something had to be sacrificed for the 4-zone airflow management. 35dBa is way quiet for such a monster!

I love the way they reinterpreted the ‘classic’ G3/G4 tower case in aluminum. Ives stayed true to the essence of the material – going for a more rectilinear look – with a slim and elegant profile.

Although the perforated grill does call out for a wedge of Parmigiano Reggiano… :)

Patrick June 25, 2003

LoL, hadnt thought of that, you’re right the front does kind of look like a cheese grater!

The side view could probably be used as is in the next x-men movie, it even as a vague x shape with the handles.

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