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Back in March I wrote about morons using other people’s comments as their own personal discussion board and how they felt they were owed by the writers. Seems it’s only getting worse with Mark and Tom taking the time to set the record straight on just who makes the decisions.

As more and more people use various RSS feeds as a news source (and since that includes a lot of blogs) I guess it’s not all that surprising that readers come to feel they have a say in the editorial content, like they would think of a newspaper they subscribe to. What is surprising is that after that first “reflex” they dont come to their senses and remember they are reading a personal site. Instead, they go as far as sending critical emails.

I completely agreee with Tom:

But I swear to god, the next person who tries to tell me what I should and shouldn’t be writing on my own site – which I produce for free and for which I ask nothing in exchange – is going to get a kick up the arse so fucking hard that when they finally land again they’ll have frost in their hair…

And the next time a good blogger (like Paul in the other post I mentionned) calls it quits because of those morons, I’ll be doing some of that arse kicking myself. (whooooo, like I’m scaring anyone ;)

PS: Yeah, yeah, looks like I’m just sucking up to a-listers. I just think if there are morons bugging them about their content there should be morons to tell them to keep doing what they’re doing and I’m that m… euh, well, you know what I’m saying.


Tom Coates June 24, 2003

A-listers get traffic like this:;sum?login=instapun – I’m Old Skool :)

Patrick June 24, 2003

Hehe, alright Tom, old skool then :)

I’d be interested in seeing one of your omniview graphics showing A-listers and old skoolers, could be funny and interesting.

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