Design matters

According to a survey by Genex internet users do care about a site’s design and it makes a difference in wether they use it or not. Probably surprises the heck out of some former co-workers who call it “crayola work” but 64.9% of users think it’s more than that.


steph June 26, 2003

This article is pretty sketchy about what it means by “design”. When it comes to the Web, it’s often a term with multiple meanings.

Too many designers (who really want to be artists, not designers) will tell you that good design means funky Flash and heavy graphics, whereas good design of a Web site encompasses many functional factors on top of pure aesthetics – accessibility, usability, internationalisation – just to name the main issues.

I have a feeling that this article is just going to be interpreted in too many different ways. :)

Patrick June 26, 2003

I agree but since one of the ways it can be interpreted fits my views, I’ll take it ;)

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