Gotta Name The Thing

Alright so this past week has been very productive coworking space wise, a couple of meetings, new people showing interest in membership, full membership (often called anchors) and even investing so it’s looking very promising.

While traveling and visiting spaces I made the decision to push a lot harder for this thing and it’s already showing results. Sweet. One thing that I keep wanting to find and people keep asking me for is a name.

A little restriction around these here Montréal parts is that the name needs to be in french or at least bilingual. Constraints are supposed to help creativity so I/we should be able to come up with something clever.

To add a bit of pressure, all the coworking spaces I’ve been following have excellent names, from the simple and to the point Workspace to the community/commons with a hint of proletaria like Citizen Space and Queen Street Commons to the “lodgy”, revolutionary Independants Hall. I also like the location based name like Hat Factory but that’s not possible now since the space hasn’t been found.

Ideas, words and concepts I think are good directions;

  • Commons, citizens, community
  • Open, collaborative, flexible
  • Freelancing, independents
  • Small, autonomous, agile
  • “Artisan technologists”
  • Think thank
  • Boiling, bubbling, primordial soup, cauldron
  • En français j’aime bien LE ou LA. Comme La Place, L’espace, La boîte.
  • Timely, “in”, “cool” (although not using those words ;) )
  • It’s an atelier, a workshop, a meeting place, a crossroads
  • A focusing lens, a hotplate
  • Plan, zone, area, labs, labo, usine
  • Un jeu de mot à la “Les zapartistes” pourrait être le fun
  • Pas trop techy parce qu’on vise pas juste les geeks, on vise tout les pigistes.

    Je sais je sais, tous mes mots sont en anglais et je demande des noms en français. Les noms me viennent en anglais parce que tout ce que j’en lis est en anglais et les discussions récentes sont anglais aussi.

    Bon, des idées, ideas?

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