20th Blogiversary

Two weeks ago Jason celebrated the 25th anniversary of his blog. I mentioned it in Sentiers but somehow (well, ok, largely because it’s kind of dead) didn’t consider my own blog and its age until I saw Jay’s mention of his own blog’s 14th.

Depending how you count, my blog started January 17th 2003 (it was actually just a link in a “linklog” but now appears as a normal post) or January 26th 2003. I’d be tempted to put the actual birth on the date of my first appearance at Yulblog which was, if memory serves, in March. Sadly, the site is down, the Wikipedia entry is no more, and I didn’t post about it, so it’s just old school human memory.

Back then backlinks and link lists were the way you learned about new blogs and/or people writing about you, or you attended a local in person meeting like Yulblog (the oldest and longest running up until 2011, btw). I don’t have the stats but I’m assuming I only started having any kind of remotely significant “profile” when I started going every month. Most of my Montréal friendships and business partnerships emerged, directly or indirectly, from those first years of blogging and Yulblogging.

So yeah, contrary to the vast majority of people I was linking to back then, this site is still up, the somewhat broken archives are still all up, and I’m still blogging once in a while.

For the umpteenth time, I’ll try to get back into regular(ish) blogging and I encourage you to do the same or even start one. Long live blogs!

Écrit en anglais parce que je “linkais” à des anglophones mais oui, longue vie aux blogues aussi!