Seeing both

Over at Sentiers, I’ve turned some of the different “buckets” of writing into just a blog and I’ve been writing a bit there, if you want to follow that too. I might include the RSS of it in here so you can get both personal and “professional” together. We’ll see if I have the time.

For today though, I wanted to share and note for myself the video below, because it puts into words something I’d never (or not much) thought of in this way but definitely feel every day, whether it’s with the world, the climate crisis, my work, or even family. How do you balance and manage to see, feel, and properly grasp both the good and the bad? How do you make sure you see the good so you keep going, without having to hide the bad?

I still see the scars made by hate and ignorance but I also see a lot that are just made by living by love by trying by pushing maybe too hard too fast because of hubris or maybe just because of excitement and joy and hope and community and mutual thriving and fun.

We are surrounded by aid we are surrounded by joy and surrounded by sorrow …  nothing gets done if there is no room for joy. I know that. Nothing gets done if we only see the harm and nothing gets done if we don’t see the harm so I don’t know which thing to see more.

[I know] that I have to see both and there is a way of doing this where I see one and then the other and then the one and then the other the horror then the beauty then the grief then the joy but that way of doing it doesn’t seem to be helping me get anything done so. Maybe there’s a way to look at the world and see both at the same time.

(I pasted from Youtube’s efficient but horribly formatted transcript, forget the missing punctuation!)

Via Jason.