12 Monkeys

I didn’t think I was going to participate to 12 Monkeys, not enough jobs for my taste but I’ve been thinking about it and remembered a couple of things so here it is, a day late.

  • Selling chocolate bars for school to get…. what did we get for those things anyway?!
  • Making deserts and salads in a restaurant. The hard part was that the table to make the salads was the top of the fridge with the suff for the deserts so I had to quickly finish current salads before getting the stuff for the next desert. Oh and I washed dishes in between. Lasted 3 shifts.
  • Fry guy in fast food place.
  • Taking inventories in pharmacies. Two nice things; we would load up on as much work as possible around the end of the month and then have a couple of weeks off. Two, there were about 5 women for every man. Not so nice was that it’s f*cking boring to count shampoo bottles all day and that we weren’t payed for transit time so when driving over two hours to get from Sherbrooke to various places in Montral we were losing 4 hours of pay.
  • Manager in a hobby shop. Most fun and easiest job I’ve had. Basically being paid to play with toys for big kids. Started first indoor track in Qc. Low points were the low salary and when the boss started “disappearing” money for his secret stash for post divorce plans. Fun guy to work with though.
  • In charge of work immersion program with troubled teens at said hobby shop and track.
  • Manager for a software store that was lending softs (mainly games) so clients could “try them” (in other words copy). Thanks loopwhole in Québec law! That was before the web, kids.
  • Sales at computer store. Fun, great bunch of people. Asshole boss.
  • Sales at another computer store. Selling networks, licences and big quantities of systems to schools. Best atmosphere and bosses ever. I’d still be there if it had been closer to Montréal instead of way over in Sherby town.
  • Web integrator building the client side interface for stock market trading sites sold to brokers and banks. Great bunch of people, met some of my best friends there. Everything went south with the dot com bust, then 9/11 and when US bosses started taking control of everything.
  • Current: Freelance web work. Working on personal projects. Looking for full time job and/or contracts. Spending too much time in coffee shops.

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NIka January 16, 2004

I love the hobby shop job!
maybe you could go back to it when you retire!

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