Trusted People Clashing on Trusted Computing

Interesting to see two guys I respect and follow closely clashing on an Apple issue. I was pretty sceptical about Cory’s post about Apple using Trusted Computing which is why I didn’t blog or link it right away. Later that day I mentioned to Antoine that I thought it might be simply related to keeping OS X running only on Macs.

Turns out John Gruber is thinking along the same lines and wrote a scathing rebuttal and debunking of the whole issue. People seem to be panicking too much too early and he goes down the list of reasons why that is so. I especially looove this part:

It’ll be interesting to see what platform Doctorow switches to. Windows is seemingly out of the question, considering that Windows Vista is slated to contain numerous TPM-based security features… But he can always switch to GNU/Linux, right? Actually, wrong — because the Linux kernel has driver support for TPM, too.

Since he’s always very honest with errors or incompletes, we can be sure he’ll keep on top of this and write more aboout the issue when real details are available.


Martine August 14, 2005

Dans le même ordre d’idée (du moins thématiquement), as-tu vu cet article du Wired News? Il y est aussi question de TPM.,2125,68501,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_6

“Before Apple can bring computers featuring Intel processors to market, hackers get the company’s operating system running on generic PC hardware.”

Martine August 14, 2005

Euh bon, efface mon commentaire précédent, si tu veux (non vraiment, j’ai pas de problème avec ça ;-). Je n’avais pas lu l’article de Gruber et n’avais donc pas compris que Doctorow réagissait précisément à cette nouvelle, aussi publiée chez Wired News.

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