I made a few changes to the look of this site last night and just now. Not super happy with it yet and untested on PC. I was just tired of the grey dots. If you see anything weird, comment or email me please.


Alex July 3, 2003

looks good on Opera 7.11!

Mathieu January 15, 2004

the 3 first things that jumped to mind :

– Screen Real-Estate is nice

– Colors on the right side dont match the rest

– The “too white” horizontal line on the left of the blog name is very distracting… maybe tone it down a little.

Patrick January 16, 2004

Right side: They kinda match in a contrasted way which I wanted but you’re right, it’s not quite there yet. I might just go with other shades of blue.

Too white: What line? There used to be a margin of 40px all along the left side but that’s actually something I took out. Either you need to reload or there’s something weird on PCs, can you send me a screenshot if you have a minute? If not I’ll just test it tomorrow at the corner coffee shop.


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