No Execution

There are various articles, blog posts, sayings, etc. which are variations of something like “execution is 90%, ideas 10%” or to me, ideas are worth nothing unless executed. They are just a multiplier. Execution is worth millions.. Well here’s a new site, TeamSnap and it lets you:

-Manage game and event schedules. -Communicate with your teammates. -See who can attend which games. -Share photos and player info. -And much more!

I just browsed old sent emails. On June 27th 2004 I wrote an email to a buddy of mine with whom I’ve discussed a number of projects, even started then canceled one or two. In my email I detailed a service that overlaps 75% of what TeamSnap does, the email was also referring to a conversation I had about it with someone else back in December 2003. Almost three and a half years ago. Way, way, way enough time to build it ourselves… but we didn’t. Execution, execution, execution. Or lack thereoff.