Independants Hall Front Page in Philly

My friend Alex Hillman just signed a lease a week ago and opened a coworking space in Philly, Independants Hall. They’re already getting some good coverage with the front page of the business section in the Philadelphia Enquirer.

Instead, think of co-working as an entrepreneurial version of parallel play, with owners of their own small businesses working side by side in a drop-in place that looks like a coffee cafe, minus the barista, with all the accoutrements of what’s hip: high ceilings, beer fridge, pool table and Internet access… Paying as little as $175 a month, they mostly work on their own. But they also trade ideas, help solve problems, and move in and out of loose collaborations.—A Step Up From Working In PJ’s

Well done.

Btw, yes, I know, you haven’t heard from ours in weeks, I’ll post a couple of updates this week.