Bunch of Links

Ok, enough with the small posts, here’s one with various things I found while catching up on feeds:

  • Didn’t take all that long for Derek to get back to printing cool stuff. Great choice too, he’s starting up Fray again and will make it a quarterly published book instead of the online magazine. Should be fantastic.
  • Chris announced OAuth 1.0 Public Draft basically a way for developers to duplicate Flickr’s FlickrAuth but with an industry wide standard. Important piece for portable social networks.
  • Interesting new art site, they make 200 small prints at $20 and 20 at $200 for each piece of art offered, 20×200.
  • A new blog at the NYT, The Conscience of a Liberal features a fascinating chart showing the fall and rise of inequality in the US, should prove a great read, same goes for the book.
  • Impressionist vs Realist bloggers, I gather I’m an impressionist.
  • According to Montréal Tech Watch’s Montréal blogosphere tag cloud, a lot of people are talking about me!
  • Amazon opens up a new DRM-Free music store which seems to be getting good reviews so far but, of course, like all new content based stores it seems, it’s US only. Screw you very much Jeff.