Zach Needs Help

Zach Braff is in Montréal shooting a movie and somehow manages to be bored. So ladies, give him suggestions and you might meet him ;)

I usually try and read all the comments on an entry before adding something but considering it’s up to well over 800 I wasn’t going to and, most importantly, the fans are mind numbingly boring and pointless. Seems like a third of them are just commenting to say “woohoo, I’m in the first 10 comments”!. Or just saying “Hello Zach, you’re soooo funny, gush, gush”.

(Via Montréal Metroblogging)


AlexAtEyekyu June 1, 2005

Ah Patrick! You’re so cool, you’re like the coolest. You type just like a regular guy. That’s great! Wow, I’m first to comment…Well I don’t know what to tell Zach Braff, but wow I can’t believe you’re just like a regular guy! I check out your linkage every day, very interesting! Love your work, one of my favorite bloggers!

Martine June 1, 2005

Oh man, Patrick (can I call you Pat?) I’m comment number 2! Wow! I don’t know what to say! It’s like amazing or something. Like I share the same space/room with you (and Zach, really).

Anyway, love your work too. And what was your post about again?


Belinda June 2, 2005

Patrick really appreciates your comments guys, I’ve entered you’re emails for a tshirt drawing we’re having soon.

Belinda, you’re friendly staffer at

edemay June 4, 2005

Patrick! Si jamais tu t’ennuies à Montréal, prends le bus et vient en Outaouais (c’est juste unp’tit 2 heures!!! On pourra écouter mes nouveaux mp3 ensemble dans ma chambre! ce sera le FUN! Après ça on ira chiller dans le vieux hull et tu me conteras tes histoires de quand t’étais un jeune ado! CE sera le fun!

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