Coralling The Laptops

A few months ago I though the “do cafe owners want laptops around” question was at least partially solved, seems I was wrong. The Mt-Royal Starbeucks still has the extension cord but they’ve also closed off the outlet in front, replacing it with a metal plate. Seems they want to keep the laptops (or at least the multiple hours users) to the side, leaving the best window seats for everyone. Can’t really argue with that, considering the abuse of some. The franchise on Parc and Laurier did the same, they’ve also “metalled” one of the outlets, leaving only two plugs.

Back to abuse, I think they should display some kind of policy instead of cutting off electricity. Some of the worse abusers don’t have laptops so just making it less practical for them doesn’t really take care of the whole problem. I’m looking at you, crocheting redhead on Mt-Royal who’s there 5-6 days a week for 5-6 hours at a time, hogging one of the sofas: that’s abuse biatch.

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